Artist Statement

My interest has been in an emotional response to imagery that is abstract yet representational. The feeling that can be conveyed from having to search and look into a painting to see what is there. Too see beyond the impression, that of, darkness and light. The paintings are minimal, monochromatic and abstracted then given glazes to build luminosity. As the works build the paint and surface informs the composition and representational images appear. My works are painted rapidly and in multiples, allowing the process of the paint, spontaneity and expression to work and create a representation of the elemental and formal forces in the landscape.

“The paintings explore intimacy and feeling in the Landscape with an emphasis on the simplification of forms to create arrangements.”

“I have been working for some years with the idea of the “Nature of the Romantic Landscape” through a series of works that are painted from the darkness into Light”


"Bernadette Trela explores the nature of the Romantic Landscape and intimacy in the Landscape."

Historically artists and their audiences have recognised the enigmatic power of the painted Romantic landscape in arousing an emotional response to nature.

With this tradition in mind Bernadette employs the ambiguity of paint and surface to evoke a sense of time. Place atmosphere and emotion.

Employing a dark and tonal palette with lightness painted from the darkness the paintings are minimal, monochromatic abstracted scenes of intuitive Landscape. Drawing on memory and an intuitive feeling for Nature the landscapes are painted rapidly and in multiples in the studio from various sketch’s, images and Photographs lending a sense of freedom of expression and spontainity to the elemental and formal forces in the Landscape.

Adrian Davies